HE>i & I’m Talking About God!

I am not ashamed of who I am today. As a matter of fact I am proud to be me. Are you someone who goes to church one Sunday afternoon feeling as if God is asking a lot of you? From my experience to know God intimately we must always trust in him with all our hearts. Be as faithful as can be and just be a right kind of person not a evil hateful person. When the message that Sunday hit you and made you feel like standing up out of your seat and walking to the front of the church filled with people who have been in their relationship with the Lord WAY longer than yourself….Honey I really hope you embraced that walk you just took towards salvation. Do not let the lack of bible study or missing church from time to time stop you from building your own relationship with God. God will judge us all in all that we do GOOD OR BAD!!! God waits patiently. As we struggle to find a way back into his embrace. My experience getting to know our father has lead to to believe he just wants us to come to him and let him take back control of a life that is by far the easiest life to live. Lets face it life is never easy. Gods plan for you and I is greater than anything we can dream of. And the journey along side of him is much greater than you and I. The enemy will strike us in ways we will never understand if we stand alone without our Lord guiding us in all that we do . Loved ones will hate us if they know hate. The man/women of our dreams will choose to live in Lust not in Light if that is what he/she is use to indulging in. Our days will be spent wondering where all the good people are…Where our friends are. To be honest with you readers out there if your friends did not meet you in the presence of the lord and the holy spirit then do not hope for their return back into your life. Thank God! Praise him! Show him some love because he saved you from that crowd of darkness that could have swallowed you in one bite. . I break I fall and I always crawl right back to the one who fills me with appreciation, love, respect and forgiveness. Thank You God. “Faith In Action.”

  • “It is one thing to believe in God; it is quite another to believe God.”
  • “Faith looks not at what happens to him but at Him Whom he believes.”
    -Watchman Nee
  • “He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” -Mathew 17:20

Do Not Be That Guy….

Who thinks he can get in and out of women’s lives so quick they won’t ever notice he’s gone.

Women all women have feelings. At least most do. Men have feelings too. But not on a level of compassion and true feelings for another person. What women would not want to be loved? Gentlemen you have the easiest job in the relationship these days and that is to just LOVE US. FORREAL…I mean truth is women can hold the fort down, juggle everything all at once everyday and still love you unconditionally. Yet for almost all men that is never enough. It’s too much work to deal with us on a bad day and just love is for all that we have to deal with in one freakin day. Hey Sir so you get bored right? Wanna start exploring your options! Oh gosh sorry you have so much time on your hands maybe you should take some of the chores and duties around the house. Not worry about how boring it is to watch your women act like your maid. Duh who would want to be with the maid? Maybe you fellas would if she was the kind that entertained you while cleaning? Please. Hey gentlemen WAKE UP and CLEAN UP and wait for your wife to finish doing what she does best. Be nice to her let her shower and unwind after holding your fort down and see the pleasant non boring side of your women because it is possible to see that kind of transformation in a women if you follow those simple steps .By the time you realize there was no better option than the one who did everything for you your women will be biter and cold from that day fourth.

Love is simple, Love is blind. Love is in all the places you would never guess to look. Love is not with everyone but with the special ones the one whom mark your soul for life. Having a tight hold on you that never breaks no matter how hard you get thrown to the ground it still never breaks.

Look not for Lust. Look for trust and romance and the good things that make our gloomiest days still shine. It’s out there. They are out there. You will never find them if you run around chasing all of them you set eyes one.

Security Systems That Save Lives And Our Valuables

Today so many of us have been robbed of our own freedom in too many ways. For instance illegal search and seizures, home invasions, day time break ins and more. We all wonder things like, “Who is going to really help us if no one is around all the time?” “How can I prove someone actually stole my belongings while I was not looking?” “Did anyone else catch that?” Everyday many people who are sneaky and just out right messed up have a ” What they can not prove is their own problem” kind of attitude. Today ladies and gentlemen TODAY is the day we can CATCH THESE THINGS and put a stop to them. ONCE AND FOR ALL. No more reports made that never get investigated. Or lack of sleep due to fear of a home invasion. STOP letting hard earned money get ripped away from you faster than you know it. Not having any sure explanations as to where or when such things occurred in your VERY OWN HOME!


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