Do Not Be That Guy….

Who thinks he can get in and out of women’s lives so quick they won’t ever notice he’s gone.

Women all women have feelings. At least most do. Men have feelings too. But not on a level of compassion and true feelings for another person. What women would not want to be loved? Gentlemen you have the easiest job in the relationship these days and that is to just LOVE US. FORREAL…I mean truth is women can hold the fort down, juggle everything all at once everyday and still love you unconditionally. Yet for almost all men that is never enough. It’s too much work to deal with us on a bad day and just love is for all that we have to deal with in one freakin day. Hey Sir so you get bored right? Wanna start exploring your options! Oh gosh sorry you have so much time on your hands maybe you should take some of the chores and duties around the house. Not worry about how boring it is to watch your women act like your maid. Duh who would want to be with the maid? Maybe you fellas would if she was the kind that entertained you while cleaning? Please. Hey gentlemen WAKE UP and CLEAN UP and wait for your wife to finish doing what she does best. Be nice to her let her shower and unwind after holding your fort down and see the pleasant non boring side of your women because it is possible to see that kind of transformation in a women if you follow those simple steps .By the time you realize there was no better option than the one who did everything for you your women will be biter and cold from that day fourth.

Love is simple, Love is blind. Love is in all the places you would never guess to look. Love is not with everyone but with the special ones the one whom mark your soul for life. Having a tight hold on you that never breaks no matter how hard you get thrown to the ground it still never breaks.

Look not for Lust. Look for trust and romance and the good things that make our gloomiest days still shine. It’s out there. They are out there. You will never find them if you run around chasing all of them you set eyes one.

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